It all starts in The Pit.

At Becky’s, we are dead serious about our BBQ preparation and in providing a 100% authentic smoked taste. This means that each piece of meat- whether it’s pork, beef, or chicken undergoes the same process in our Smoked Pit. This is what separates us and gives Becky’s its truly original, Southern taste.

The REAL deal.

We use a slow-cooking barbecue method with hickory wood to flavor the meat. This is what gives the meat it’s mouth watering taste and tender composition. Pit master and owner of Becky’s Bob Bringhurst personally sees each rack of meat enter the Pit and come out at just the right time. Cooking in our BBQ smoker keeps the meat extra tasty because the juices of the meat on upper shelves drip onto meat on the lower trays as the shelves rotate. This also provides for an even cook and much better taste overall. See the video below for more details.

You simply can’t find BBQ like this anywhere else in New England.